In July 2023 I was approached by Future Publishing to create the artwork for the cover of their Cycling Weekly magazine's World Championships issue.
As someone with personal history with bike racing, I was extremely excited to get a chance to be commissioned by the world's oldest cycling publication and for the sport's premier competition.
The event organized in Glasgow was a historic one, unifying all disciplines of cycling for the first time. The Inaugural UCI Cycling World Championships drew record crowds and awarded over 200 rainbow jerseys over 11 days of action.​​​​​​​
Our goal was to capture a bit of Glasgow's essence which would uniquely tie the composition to its setting. While exploring the history, architecture and quirks of the city, I decided to center the imagery around the motto: "Let Glasgow Flourish", present in its coat of arms. 
The iconic UCI rainbow translated into a collection of colorful flowers and created a rich palette to play with. Rainbow bands, vibrant blossoms and Glaswegian landmarks served as a toolset to support the great athletes who would be the main actors in the coming days. All that to create a cover which would immediately get across how big, dynamic and varied this first-of-its-kind event would be, with excitement bursting out of the page.
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